The 2023 3rd International Conference on Computer Science, Electronic Information Engineering and Intelligent Control Technology (CEI 2023)

Call For Papers


Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

◕ Computer Science

◔ Algorithm

◔ Automation software engineering

◔ Artificial intelligence

◔ Computer vision

◔ Computer security

◔ Computer network

◔ Computer simulation

◔ Human-computer interaction

◔ Information system

◔ Robotics and automation

◔ Knowledge data engineering

◔ Computer science and computer engineering

◔ Digital signal and image processing

◔ Digital system and logic design

◔ Multimedia applications

◕ Intelligent Control Technology

◔ Intelligent control and automation

◔ Control theory and application

◔ Intelligence and optimal control system

◔ System science and system engineering

◔ System modeling, analysis and synthesis

◔ Power system and its automation

◔ Power electronics and power drive

◔ Smart grid

◔ Automatic control theory

◔ Signal collection and processing

◔ Database establishment and maintenance

◔ NC programming

◔ Electrical control technology

◔ Development of single chip microcomputer

◕ Electronic Information Engineering

◔ Power electronic technology

◔ Communication signal processing

◔ Radar engineering

◔ Digital signal processing

◔ Microwave technology and antenna

◔ Electromagnetic field and electromagnetic wave

◔ Signal and image processing

◔ Automatic control and intelligent control

◔ Computer and network technology

◔ Network and office automation technology

◔ Multimedia technology

◔ Single chip microcomputer technology

◔ Electronic system design process

◔ Electronic design automation (EDA) technology

◔ Digital signal processing